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Don’t Go to Bed Mad!!

We have been married for almost 37 years, and my in-laws have been married for 63 years, and if you ask the secret, it is “Don’t go to bed mad”

We had our first fight as a married couple the day after the wedding. We eloped to Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend, I wanted to get breakfast before heading home, and my husband wanted to get “drive through food” so he could get home for all the pregame festivities.

I talked to my mother-in-law, and she explained how important the super bowl festivities were for my husband, and she explained how important it is to look at things from the other person’s prospective. She asked how it would be if I wanted to get home for something that was extremely important to me, I realized this was the beginning of many new changes.

We talked through our argument, after the Super Bowl of course, and at that point we agreed we would never go to bed mad. One key factor is open communication, talking and listening, if one or the other person continually interrupts and does not listen, that is a key factor that will need to change.